You never know when misfortune can strike and you will be more prepared to handle a variety of situations if you are equipped with essentials. This applies to any mishaps or bad luck you find yourself in while driving your car, whether on the way home from work or on a road trip across the country. There are a variety of things you should always have in your car for these very reasons, and when the time comes that you need them, you will be very thankful. Here are some car essentials that you should put in your car today.

Spare Tire and Tools– Just double check that all the equipment is there because a spare tire is no good if the jack is not in your car.

Jumper Cables or Battery Booster– because dead batteries to happen, and happen often.

Duct Tape– you can fix just about anything with duct tape and a little creativity.


First Aid Kit– whether you need a quick band aid or something a little more crucial, a first aid kit is a must.

Flashlight and Muti-tool

Water bottles and energy bars– just a few can really be helpful if you ever find yourself needing them.


Map- you may find yourself stuck or lost in a place without cell phone service.

Mylar Space Blanket– it gets pretty cold here in the wintertime.

Toilet Paper– for when nature calls in nature or for a hundred other uses.

Spare Clothes– a fresh pair of socks or a dry t-shirt can help out in those unexpected circumstances.

Emergency Money– especially when traveling, it is important to have a small reserve of cash in the event your wallet gets lost or stolen.

The number of a Towing Service– even better would be the number of a 24-hour towing service. The best one in Phoenix is Phoenix Towing Service, and their number is (602)833-2915.