As you probably already know, we at Phoenix Towing are not just about road assistance and auto city towing. We also thrive on learning about new cars and modern technologies that will make our driving experience more interactive, safer, and a lot more fun. It’s 2018 and even though there are still no flying cars, the industry is definitely flourishing and coming up with marvelous and groundbreaking new ideas and concepts that are truly mind-blowing.

Here are 5 amazingly cool car tech inventions that should become reality any time now:

  • An X-Ray Vision for Your Car

Basically, your car will be able to see the unseen. Kind of like when you play a video game (GTA comes to mind) and you have a map in the bottom left corner so you can see what is going on across the city. Ford and Qualcomm, the company that makes telecom chips, came up with the cellular “Vehicle to Everything” technology, also known as C2VX. This system uses a special chip in your car to communicate with other cars on the road and glean valuable infrastructure information about:

  • traffic lights
  • roadblocks
  • road signs up ahead
  • accidents that happened within your route…

This basically means your car ride will be much safer, faster and more economic.

  • Your Car Will Find A Parking Spot For You

Car is parking with autonomous self-driving parking assistant. We all know hard it can be to find parking, especially in crowded cities around the globe. Searching for an open parking spot can sometimes last for hours and it can definitely mess up your whole day, which is why Bosch, one of the biggest car parts suppliers in the world, has come up with a cool solution for this issue. Namely, vehicles all over the city will soon be able to measure the gaps between parked cars as they drive through urban environments and the system will then provide live updates to the map that will be accessible by other drives. Pretty useful.

  • You’ll Be Able To Talk To Your Car

One of the most relevant car industry behemoths, Mercedes-Benz, rolled out their new system called MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) – a high-resolution widescreen display interface that is featured in its new A-class compact vehicle. The driver will be able to interact with MBUX via touchscreen and buttons on the steering wheel, however, you will also be able to simply talk to the system in a similar way you talk to Siri.

Mercedes-Benz also says that MBUX system will be so intuitive that it will have the ability to learn. For example, if it notices that you prefer a particular radio station or that you have a tendency to make a phone call to a specific contact at a certain time of day – the system may start making pre-emptive suggestions in the future according to your habits.

  • Cars Will Read Your Facial Expressions

Volkswagen unveiled its futuristic I.D. Buzz microbus at this year’s CES and one of the most interesting details was the use of artificial intelligence software/hardware system they created in association with NVIDIA. This system is able to:

  • recognize the driver’s face as he/she is approaching the vehicle and unlock the car
  • monitor the driver’s eyes in order to detect alertness and act accordingly
  • improve the autonomous driving skills of the vehicles     
  • A Car That Can Read Your Mind

Nissan recently talked about its upcoming “B2V” (brain to vehicle) communication, and here’s how it works: B2V will be able to receive data from a headband-like device that detects and records brain wave activity of the driver. The car will then use this data to prepare the vehicle for the action the driver intends to take. This includes:

  • turning the wheel a fraction of a second faster than the driver would be able to
  • slowing down on time
  • braking on time…

The company also says B2V will be capable of detecting the driver’s level of discomfort during autonomous driving mode so it can then adjust the parameters of the vehicle’s autonomous driving style, suspension setup, etc.

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