There’s nothing quite like a family vacation. Trips to the beach or that super cool theme park are treasured adventures for kids, resulting in memories they will cherish for years to come. But for parents, piling all the children into the family van or family RV for hours on end can feel like anything but a vacation.

With all the back-seat bickering or the constant Are we there yet?questions, family road trips can be trying, even for the most patient of parents.

But, not to fear. There are plenty of ways to make family road trips from Phoenix more fun for everyone and the best part is it wont cost a thing from that vacation fund.

Below, Phoenix Towing, your friendly trailer towing service, offers five of the best road trip games around. After all, parents, its your vacation too.

  1. The License Plate Game

This game is great because its educational and fun. Did your kids know, for instance, that Florida is nicknamed the Sunshine State or that Idaho is famous for its potatoes? They will after playing the License Plate Game. For this one, each family member gets the point every time he or she spots a new states plate. How many can your family find?

  1. I’m Going on A Trip

This game is all about memory and is best suited for families with older kids. The first player chooses something that starts with the letter ‘A’ to bring on this imaginary trip. Im going on a trip, and Im bringing an alligator,he or she might announce. (Keep in mind, there are no restrictions on what a player can bring, as long as it begins with the assigned letter.) The next player must then choose something that starts with ‘B’ and on down the line. The kicker is, players must not only name a new item to bring on the trip each turn, but also must list every single item that came before them too and in alphabetical order. It’s not easy, but it sure is fun!

  1. I Spy

There is a lot to see out there on the open road so I Spy is a must-play for family road trips. This game is especially fun for the younger kids in the car. The spy chooses an object and describes it in just one detail. For instance, I spy something that is round.The other players then take turns asking yes or no questions to determine what the object could be Is it bigger than a basketball? Does it make any noise? Is it red? The first player to guess the item wins and becomes the next spy.

  1. Name That Tune

This is a fun game for the more musically-inclined families out there. Players take turns humming famous or maybe not-so-famous tunes and the other passengers must guess which song it is. Recognizing songs like Happy Birthdaywithout their words might seem easy, but as the game goes on it can get pretty tough. The first player to guess the tune wins.

  1. The Alphabet Name Game

This game has endless options, so its ideal for longer trips and works with kids of all ages. A player picks a category such asTypes of Animals and then chooses a letter like D. Then the players go around and name all the animals they can think of that start with the selected letter. In this case, donkey, duck, dog, etc. The last person to name an animal before the group runs out of ideas wins.