No matter how many car shows and car-related events they visit, exotic car owners dread the thought of having their most prized possession damaged while being transported from one location to another. God forbid your expensive sports car breaks down and you need to tow it to the shop for a quick repair. You don’t want to even think about additional scratches and dents that can occur during transportation. Luxury car towing is a different beast entirely when compared to your regular towing and requires experience, equipment, and patience. 

Here’s our roundup of 5 tips for your expensive car towed safely and securely.

1. Look for Towing Companies That Tow Exotic Cars

You want a towing service that specializes in the handling and transportation of supercars, as well as classic and antique models. Why? First of all, if a towing service specifically outlines that they offer the service of handling these types of vehicles, then that implies they possess the necessary equipment to carry out the job. It also means their staff is just as passionate about performance and antique cars, as you are, and has the patience to put in that extra effort required when handling these precious vehicles. 

2. Do a Quick Background Check

Just because they say they do it doesn’t mean they do it well. A quick Google search should yield some information about the towing company you’re thinking of contacting. Check the recent reviews left by their customers and make your decision based on that. Make sure to read the good reviews as well as the bad ones in order to get the full picture and figure out whether you want to deal business with them or not. Gathering information online prior to acquiring a service is definitely worth doing, as you are potentially saving yourself from a bad experience. 

3 Ask the Price Beforehand

 towing an exotic car

Before you settle for a company, make sure you understand the costs involved when towing an exotic car. Due to the special requirements, towing these types of vehicles is usually more expensive than towing your regular daily driver. However, some companies tend to overcharge this service as it’s not something they routinely do.

4. Make Sure They Are Equipped for the Job

You can’t tow luxury cars with just any towing truck. Ask the company if its fleet consists of flatbed towing trucks that reduce the angle of incline, ensuring that low-profile vehicles can safely be winched on board without risking damage. For instance, here at Phoenix Towing, we use 2019 Hino flatbed, 2018 Ram 4500 wrecker (wheel-lift), 2018 Kenworth flatbeds, and 2018 Hino flatbeds when towing high-performance sports cars, vintage and classic models, and, of course, collectible muscle cars. 

5. Choose the Most Reliable Option

If you need your car towed, Arizona has some of the best towing companies in the country. Here at Phoenix Towing Service, we can proudly say we have been in business for over 30 years and have successfully towed thousands of exotic, antique, and classic muscle cars. Many of our clients have relied on us to help them showcase their luxury vehicles at some of the most exclusive car shows in Scottsdale and the Greater Phoenix Area.


If you are an owner of one of these prestigious vehicles and are looking for a towing company that can handle them with the care and attention they deserve, then give us a call! We also offer a wide variety of more conventional towing services so be sure to check those out as well.