The state of Arizona cradles some of the most scenic roads and offers some of the most beautiful views in all of America. Aside from the iconic Grand Canyon, the Petrified Forest and the famous Horseshoe Bend are first that come to mind, but the beauty of these stunning locations can indeed be quite unsafe.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the level of danger that some of Arizona’s highways and roads tend to feature.

We at Phoenix Towing Service know exactly how tricky and dangerous these bendy roads can be, so we decided to provide you with our list of 5 most dangerous roads in Arizona currently.

Beauty can indeed be deadly.

Interstate 10

For those trying to beat the heat waves by hitting the actual waves in California, it is likely that you will be taking the notorious Interstate 10 (or the I-10) for it is probably your best way to reach the bays of California, unless you are flying.

Quartzsite, US – April 17, 2015: Buttes and low rise mountains along Interstate-10 east of city of Arizona desert covered with drought and extreme heat resistant vegetation.

The I-10 stretches across the entire continent from Florida to Los Angeles, and it rates as one of the top 5 most dangerous roads in Arizona, while it is often included in the most dangerous highways in The US as well. The I-10’s stretch that gets the most attention is definitely the part closer to California, so do be extra careful if you are planning to venture this way any time soon. If you are, make sure to check out the awesome ostrich farm at Picacho Peak, as well as Red Rock State Park.

Salt River Canyon

Similar to the I-10, the famous U.S. 60 stretches from east coast to west coast and goes through Arizona, and – most importantly – through the notorious and breath-taking Salt River Canyon.

Salt River Canyon at sunrise, catching day's first rays.

Driving through this beauty that was crafted by the ultimate architect itself – nature – will surely test your skills, focus and your patience.  

Interstate 17

The stretch of Interstate 17 that connects Phoenix to Flagstaff is another truly mesmerizing, yet quite dangerous road. Within this particular stretch, your vehicle will rise almost a mile in elevation, and if you keep heading north after Flagstaff, the U.S. 89 will lead you to the Grand Canyon. We highly recommend you to drive safely as this tricky road can very icy due to this fluctuation in elevation.

Interstate 19

We cannot talk about the most dangerous roads in Arizona and not mention Interstate 19.

Although this notorious highway is one of the shortest ones in the US, it is definitely among the deadliest. To be as specific as possible, we are talking about the 63.35-mile-long stretch of this highway that connects Nogales and Tucson. America’s 100 Deadliest Highways ranked this particular stretch 38th on their list due to the fact that 57 people died in a total of 51 fatal accidents in the period between 2004 and 2008, which means that the overall fatality rate of this deadly highway reaches 0.81 fatalities per mile.

Scary indeed.

Arizona State Route 87 (The Beeline Highway)

Image of Arizona State Route 87.

Arizona State Route 87 is an extremely exciting highway that features an interesting and cute story about its cute nickname.

The beloved Beeline Highway is a north-south road that goes from I-10 near Picacho up north to SR 264 near Second Mesa, and it got its cool nick due to many meanderings it takes within its routes.

Namely, if you can remember what you were told about running from bees while you were still a kid, the general rule of thumb says that you should zig-zag as much as possible and the allegedly bees won’t be able to catch up. Well, the Beeline Highway doesn’t feature hostile bees that you must outrun, but it does involve zigzagging and lots of it!

What are your most favorite dangerous roads and highways in America?

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