Although modern cars are usually reliable and built to last, there are still numerous things that can go wrong with your vehicle. Dealing with these situations can indeed be rather daunting and annoying, and can also ruin your whole day.

Luckily, every city has several towing a car companies that work around the clock to help many drivers in distress every time they are faced with vehicle troubles, regardless of the location. A quality tow truck service (like Phoenix Towing) will take your faulty vehicle to the nearest car mechanic and save your day in the quickest and most reliable way possible.

Here are 5 most common situations when you said “I need a towing service” :


  • Flat Tire


This may sound a bit like a cliché, but flat tires always happen when you least expect it (as no one really drives around constantly expecting their tire to rupture). Jokes aside, flat tires may happen due to following reasons:

  • low pressure
  • damaged treads
  • sharp foreign object on the road

And even though many drivers out there know how to change a tire, there are still some people who aren’t skilled in this area or don’t have a spare tire at the moment, and these are situations when tow truck assistance is very much needed.


  • Damage Due to Collision


Depending on the severity of the collision and the damage caused to your vehicle, you might find yourself in the need for towing services.

When the collision happens, if you cannot determine whether the damage is severe enough so your car shouldn’t be driven any longer, we recommend you call tow truck technicians to establish the real extent of the damage. They are professionals who will give you a sincere estimate and provide you with optimal solutions at the spot.

NOTE: Make sure you don’t drive your vehicle after a collision if you are not 100% certain you don’t require tow truck assistance.


  • The Engine Overheats


Your engine can overheat due to various reasons. Whether it is faulty fan belt or leaked water pump if your engine starts to overheat it may shut down completely or – even worse – cause further damage. This is why it is smart to call the nearest towing company as soon as you notice your car is overheating.

Taking your vehicle to a mechanic is a must whenever your engine starts to overheat.  

Frustrated young woman looking at broken down car engine on street


  • Your Car Runs Out of Gas


Although this may sound like a pretty comical and embarrassing scenario in 2018, but running out of gas is always a plausible one and it happens much more often than you think. We are all human after all and we sometimes let our minds wander off while we are driving and this is when the “forgetting to refill on gas” scenario may occur. Sometimes it is all about the faulty gas gauge on your dashboard.

Whatever the reason, this scenario requires tow truck assistance ASAP as it can be quite dangerous to be stranded alone in the middle of nowhere, miles away from the nearest gas station. It is also useful to mention that some towing companies include bringing gas to you as part of their services, at a reasonable cost, of course.


  • Any Other Type of Breakdown


Modern cars are complicated machines that feature numerous intricate mechanisms, which means there are now more things that can malfunction and break down. Just think about it:

  • The engine
  • The electronics
  • The computer
  • Exhaust
  • Brakes…

…the list goes on, and oftentimes it is hard to even figure out which part exactly malfunctioned.

This is why we at Phoenix Towing recommend that you require assistance any time your vehicle breaks down, especially when it happens without any warning or explanation. It is always best to be on the safe side and let professionals handle the situation.