For those planning to move to Arizona, or those who are just visiting and/or driving through, there are certain details related to the etiquette of driving in Arizona that you should know before you get in your car and head our way. Driving etiquettes may differ from state to state, and Arizona is no exception. But don’t be scared, though. Although there are certain aspects of driving in our state that we at Phoenix Towing recommend you learn, these are definitely not too drastic or unusual.

Each US state has its own set of unique practices and laws that make the driving experience different when you are behind the wheel, and here’s our pick when it comes to 9 things anyone should know while driving in Arizona.

Essential Tips for Driving in Arizona Safely and Without Fines

Interstate Speed Limits

Approaching desert city of Tucson downtown with 65 miles per hour speed limit and narrow road ahead, Arizona, American Southwest

You should know that Arizona’s usual speed limit is either 55mph or 65mph on interstates when they pass through major cities, while the standard interstate speed limit between major cities is 75mph.

Monsoons Can Be Dangerous

As far as safe driving is concerned, weather conditions play a significant role, regardless of the state you currently are driving through. Although Arizona is not exactly packed with natural disasters of gigantic proportions like tornadoes, hurricanes or floods, these areas are known to have pretty nasty cases of monsoons. Monsoons are natural phenomena that are usually active during the summer season and they typically involve:

  • heavy rain
  • heavy winds
  • dust storms

This type of weather can make driving nearly impossible due to low visibility, so if you happen to drive into a monsoon while driving in Arizona, make sure you wait it out.


As every conscientious driver knows, you should not be driving a vehicle even if you’ve had only one beer. In Arizona, if you have blood-alcohol readings of .08% or higher, you will certainly be fined or incarcerated, but even if your level is lower than that, the police officer will fine you if he decides that you are impaired. Don’t drink and drive!

Plenty Of Roundabouts

Since roundabouts are sometimes a much better (and cheaper) solution than traffic lights, more and more cities of Arizona have opted for roundabouts, especially smaller cities and towns. So, be prepared to go round and round in circles much more often than you’re used to.

Faulty License Plate Holder

You need to make sure the license plate holder on your car isn’t covering up the name of the state stated on your license plate. Although it is not likely that officers will stop you just due to this minor issue, this may be added as an additional offense.

Using A Cellphone While Driving

At this moment, Arizona (still) doesn’t have an official state-wide law on this, but when it comes to cell phones and driving, Phoenix is a bit stricter. In Phoenix, it is illegal to type messages using any type of wireless device, so texting while driving is not permitted. However, since this ban extends only to texting and not talking on the phone, you can drive and use your cell phone to talk.

The Move Over Law

The driving etiquette in Arizona involves something we like to call the Move Over Law. The Move Over Law says that you should (if you are able to) move over one lane to the left whenever you notice an emergency vehicle on the side of the road. This way you are giving them enough space to do whatever they are doing.

HOV Lanes

You should know that major highways in Arizona have so-called HOV lanes, or High Occupancy Vehicle lanes. High occupancy in Arizona means two or more people in one vehicle, and during certain hours, only drivers who have at least one other person in their car can drive in those lanes.


The state of Arizona (still) doesn’t have tolls, so one thing less to worry about. Pretty cool.  

What is your favorite thing about driving in Arizona? Feel free to mention it in the comments section.