It’s finally summertime and the season where everyone wants to get out on the open road and enjoy themselves. However, there’s a little preparation work that can make your summer rides a lot more enjoyable and safe at the same time. You will only need to phone the local towing service for bigger problems if you look after some of the smaller issues by yourself.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Keeping your car cool is about more than getting the right kind of rims so you look stylish. With a few simple proactive measures, you’ll be able to avoid those engine overheated scenarios with steam billowing from under the hood and your car stranded  at the side of the road as the temperature rises.

Keep a Cool Head

When it’s hotter outside your car’s air-conditioning works especially hard and it become overtaxed if you have low coolant levels. If you’ve forgotten to check the amount of coolant in the container that looks like a water tank, you should keep an eye on the gauge on your dashboard that can tell you if the engine is about to overheat in hot weather. If you see this gauge rising or other warning lights blinking at you, you should pull over into a safe area and wait for at least a half hour before you open the hood to top the coolant back up. Here’s a few other tips to keep things cool in the summer.

  • Windows down/AC up. Even if you have an excellent air-conditioning unit in your vehicle, it takes time to cool things down. If you turn the air conditioner on,  roll the windows down and drive for a bit, you’ll find the hot air inside the car is pushed out and replaced with air-conditioning quickly. After things cool down, you can roll the windows up again.
  • Check your wear bars.  There’s nothing more exasperating than having a tire blow out during the summer. In between your tire treads are small partitions called wear bars and if you find the treads and these bars are the same level, you might need new tires.
  • Harness the sun. If you need a little help staying cool because your car’s air-conditioning has broken down, small solar powered fans that do the job instead fit on your windshield.
  • Check those fluid levels. You don’t want to get stuck with low oil or brake fluid levels on a long trip. While you have the hood open and are looking at other fluid levels, taking stock of the condition of your coolant reservoir water tank can head off possible issues.
  • Avoid those hot wheels. Any area towing service will tell you this tip isn’t about the rims and tires on the outside of your car, but the steering wheel inside.  If you turn the wheel before you lock it in place when you get park, the part of the wheel you hold when you’re driving won’t be left in the hot sun until you get back.

Who You Gonna Call? Tow Services!

Finally,  keep in in mind that no matter how hard you try, you can’t plan for everything that might go wrong with your car on a hot summer day. That’s why you should always have the number of a good towing service saved on your phone.