Not that many states have the privilege to harbor as many badass off-road rails as Arizona. The desert can be one of the most enjoyable places on this earth, especially if you know how to make the most of it. And going off-road with your vehicle is definitely making the most of it!

When it comes to Phoenix and Arizona, off-roading trails are all over the place and some of them are extremely fun roads to try out.

Which is why we at Phoenix Towing Service decided to provide you with a list of some of the best Arizona off-road trails that you simply need to check out.

Gentlemen, start your engines.

Bulldog Canyon

Coordinates: 33.5481 – 111.572635

Bulldog Canyon is among the most coveted Arizona off-roading trails in the US, and for a good reason.This scenic trail goes near Mesa (near Saguaro Lake and Apache Junction), and even though it is short, it is definitely worth it.

This path has several different entry and exit points, so you can choose your route according to your liking, and also has a couple of adjoining trails that feature a bit higher technical rating. Wild horses can often be seen along this amazing path.

A permit is required, but you can get it online for free!

Backway to Crown King

Coordinates: 34.2056 – 112.3385

If you are planning to go and check out The Backway to Crown King trail, make sure you book your place in advance because this path is extremely busy, especially during the weekends. And if you’re wondering why this is the case, it is because Backway to Crown King is among the most popular all-day trails in all of Arizona, and possibly The US.  

You can opt for some heavy and very challenging technical sections, but if you want to go easy, you can always bypass these difficult sections and enjoy the light cruise-like ride throughout the rest of the path.  

Once you’re all the way up, you can visit the beautiful, historical Crown King and/or have a tasty snack and a nice cold beverage. If you choose to head back to Phoenix, make sure you make a stop in Black Canyon City at the Rock Springs Cafe and try one (or more) of their amazing pies.

Apache Trail

Coordinates: 33.59821 – 111.242075

For those going on their first off-road rides, we suggest Apache as it is one of the easiest yet very fun Arizona off-roading trails currently available. It will take you through Tonto National Forest, the Salt River, and bring you all the way to Roosevelt Lake. Some breath-taking views wait for you there. Pay close attention to several tricky blind turns, though!

appache trail near phoenix

Mount Ord Lookout

Coordinates: 33.872964 – 111.484127

For those of you looking for some serious elevation, Mount Ord Lookout is a true slam dunk! Not only is it one of the greatest Arizona off-road trails, it is one of the highest as well. It provides and elevation of almost 3.000 feet, so those who manage to get to the top will indeed have an opportunity to enjoy some beautiful views.

This trail is also located north of Mesa, and it is truly an all-around type of off-road trail as it has a little bit of everything, and it is not too easy, yet not too hard.  

Smiley Rock

Coordinates: 34.7489 – 112.1768

For those looking for some serious challenge, we at Phoenix Towing suggest you try Smiley Rock. This trail has some very steep and narrow rocky paths that can really put your skills and your vehicle to the test. You will be driving through the Martin Canyon and since you’ll be driving through Woodchute Mountain, make sure you stop to check out the scenery as well!

What are your favorite Arizona off-roading trails that we failed to mention in this article? Feel free to leave a comment and don’t forget to visit Phoenix Towing Service website for more fun articles like this one!

Drive safe!