Ah, the question that is as old as time itself. Ok, maybe not time, but automotive industry, that’s for sure – What are best tires I can buy for my vehicle?

This question is being asked, pondered upon, and Googled in each and every corner of the world on a daily basis, but we think that people in Arizona are really the ones who are in a pickle when it comes to choosing the best-buy deal.

The conditions in Arizona can indeed be harsh. Long periods of high heat and dry conditions can really put both your vehicle’s engine and its tires to some pretty rough tests. No wonder the folks from General Motors had their test tracks situated in Arizona for so long.

This is why we at Phoenix Towing Service wanted to dig a little deeper into the issue and provide you with some helpful insights about tire quality and how to choose best tires for Arizona conditions. So, the next time you go tire shopping, make sure you have some of the following things in mind.

Best Tires For Arizona Weather

Arizona weather is tough all year long, but Arizona summers can really be hard, apocalyptic even. If you are among those who like to proudly stay in the Valley of the Sun during summer, we suggest you opt for a set of summer tires that are built to last even when heat approaches the scolding 110 degrees.

Mechanics suggest going for a set of summer tires, especially to those who own high-speed vehicles and like to hit the pedal to the metal. Summer tires are built in such a way so they are able to provide more friction as they have a shallower tread and thus more tire surface is hitting the tarmac. Summer tires are all about the grip.

arizona road with biker photo

They are also great for those rare Arizona moments when the rain comes down hard because shallower thread tends to push water away more effectively.

If you Like to Go Off Road, Rough is your Keyword

For those who like to get out of the boring city and really put their 4WDs to the test by going off-road to explore and experience what Arizona is really about, we suggest you opt for a set of all-terrain tires.

These rough looking bad boys are perfect for those off-road enthusiasts who own SUVs and crossovers and enjoy riding those old jeep trails and going up those famous Arizona single-lane roads (locations like Crown King come to mind).

All-terrain tires possess very deep treads that are great for gaining traction and gripping those merciless rough terrains.

All-Seasons Tires

Although people from Arizona like to say that they have only two seasons – summer and December, not all country of Arizona has so bipolar climate. If you plan on going north often (where the weather has normal patterns), we recommend getting a set of all-season tires.

In fact, most mechanics claim that all-season tires are best tires for Arizona conditions as these can handle all extreme weather conditions really well.

Choosing the Tire Brand for Your SUV, Car, or Truck

Now that you have a better idea about what type of tires you need for your vehicle, it is time to choose the brand and decide whether you’re going to opt for the highest quality and spend good money, or you will try to find cheap best-buy options. The most important thing is to have safe tires for the roads of Arizona.

This can indeed be a tricky task as there’s practically no way to tell which brand exactly provides you with the longest life and best grip possible. However, there is one general rule of thumb that has proven to be trustworthy:

The more you spend, the better tire you’ll get.

As simple as that.

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