Finding yourself in a troubling situation is extremely uncomfortable. Especially if the situation involves you being stuck in a middle of nowhere with a broken down car. You need to know that there are people and services that can come to your rescue without taking advantage of you.

Towing Scammers

If you’ve ever encountered towing scammers, then you know what we’re talking about. They often make everything worse by either charging more or by damaging your car due to unprofessional service.

So, the question is: Out of so many listed towing companies, how to know who to trust? You’re standing on the side of the road, you’re in a lot of stress and you can’t think straight. Keep in mind the following things.

Cheap towing service

The most common towing scam involves undercharging for a service. Cheap towing service is a sure tell something is off. Almost all the cheapest tow truck services have some hidden costs customers are usually introduced with on the very end. The company may advertise tows at $35 price, but then some additional costs suddenly apply, $3 to $4 per mile.


Another thing that is quite often nowadays is that tow truck drivers are often paid a referral fee by a vehicle repair or a body shop. These tow trucks, known as “chasers” will most likely recommend you a repair shop without being asked, and even more likely tow your vehicle to them. During the tow to the recommended repair shop, if you by any chance change your mind, it can cost you a towing service, storage, and even other administrative fees. This can increase the costs by hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Scanner Listeners

You must have heard of “scanner listeners”, tow truck mavericks that patrol freeways and other major highways and listen to the police alerts about accidents and breakdowns. They turn up out of nowhere and the owner sees it as an act of God. Before even realizing it, the owner will sign an authorization form and basically get robbed.

Find the Best Towing Company for You

The best way to ensure you are not being taken advantage of is to find a reputable towing company. Their credibility can be seen in years of experience, testimonials of previous customers and information they provide in advance. Remember that the best towing companies are not always the ones with the best marketing strategy or the biggest billboard ads.

Stay Informed

Paying attention to the details is crucial when you need help. Use your right to be informed and ask questions about everything you should know in advance. Make sure the initial questions are the ones about the price and all the hidden costs, time needed to reach your location, equipment, and technique they’re using and the insurance they are carrying. You should know that most of these scammers don’t even possess a workman’s comp.

Having made everything clear when it comes to reputation and professionalism of the tow company, take some photos of your vehicle after it’s been attached. This will protect you from any damage caused by transportation.

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