Passing your driving test and getting that coveted driver’s license is one of the most important moments in every kid’s life. And we at Phoenix Towing Service agree – there’s no greater feeling than when you finally get to sit behind the wheel and take your machine for a spin. Especially after all those annoying and often arduous efforts you had to go through in order to obtain that awesome piece of plastic with your name on it.

But the tricky part is that, even when you finally get your driver’s license, the true fun can’t really start then and there. You must first prove that all those driving lessons, practice, tests and theory (not to mention the money spent) haven’t been in vain.

And this can be a difficult task, especially for fresh drivers.

Challenges of being a new driver are many, so let’s go over some of the most common ones.

Buckle up! (but seriously, though)

1) The “R” Is For “Restricted”

Not so much a challenge, but a nuisance.

In most countries across the globe, fresh drivers get a restricted driver’s license first. This means that during the twelve-month period after you pass your driving test and get a full license, you face many prohibitions in terms of when, with whom, and how fast you can drive.

Although the speed limit is not too big of a problem in urban areas (as speed limits typically range from 30 mph to 40 mph), this restriction really comes into play when a new driver is driving on highways and motorways, where the enforcement of this annoying rule can even turn out to be extremely dangerous.

Namely, since new drivers are forced to drive approximately 25 mph slower than other drivers on a highway, other vehicles are often being forced to overtake the fresh drivers (the ones with “R” symbols on their vehicles), which often happens at inopportune moments and leads to crashes and road incidents.

2) Crash Statistics Are Not On Their Side

One of the biggest challenges of being a new driver (if not THE biggest challenge) is being involved in a crash incident due to inexperience.

As Autocar magazine reports, 1 in every 5 drivers gets involved in a car crash during their first 12 months on the roads and streets. This is especially true for those aged seventeen to twenty-four. According to this case study, most of these incidents are caused by the negligence of young, inexperienced drivers.

3) Poor Weather Condition

The great majority of fresh drivers don’t have enough experience driving their vehicles when the weather conditions are not ideal. Heavy rain, wind, and snow can indeed raise the difficulty level of this game we call driving, and young drivers should be able to adapt and practice as much as they can.

drive in rain

4) They Lack Technical Knowledge On Their Cars

Tech illiteracy is among the top challenges of being a new driver. In order to drive like an expert, one must know at least the basics about how cars work. You don’t have to be able to fix a broken engine, but knowing the basic principles and physics behind the mechanics of a typical car is a huge plus.

If you don’t know how things work in your vehicle, you won’t be able to know what it can or cannot do, right?

And The Consequences?

It appears that more and more youngsters are becoming well aware of all the challenges of being a new driver, as the percentage of those aged 17 to 20 who have acquired their driver’s license is dropping rapidly.

For example, the UK’s Department of Transport has conducted a recent study which shows that this percentage has plummeted from 43% to under 31%.

What do you think the biggest problems with young drivers are? Feel free to mention them in the comments section below, and don’t forget to visit Phoenix Towing website for more articles like this one!

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