Here are 4 things to consider when choosing a towing company:

1. Minimum Notice

If you do decide to contract with a towing company, be sure that you read and understand the contract fully. Ideally, contracts will include the minimum notice a towing company must provide before towing a vehicle, and should be required to get sign-off by the association prior to towing any vehicles.

2. Pricing and Contract Fees

The association should be aware of the tow company’s extra fees and specify what the towing company can charge when a person collects their vehicle. If the association fee is $100 to tow, but the towing company charges homeowners an additional $250 to retrieve their vehicle, you’re going to have a lot of push back from unhappy homeowners! Specify contract fees that your association will not accept prior to obtaining the services of any tow company, and be sure those fees are documented in the contract before signing.

3. Indemnity

Be sure that your contact states that if the towing company somehow violates state or local rules, the association will be indemnified for any fees the association incurs due to those violations; this is non-negotiable to protect the association.

4. Proper Licensing and Insurance

Towing companies are vendors, and as such, you need to see evidence that they are properly licensed and insured to provide the services they’ve been contracted for. Because the association is towing another person’s property, you need to be able to defend this activity. Be sure you are dealing with a reputable company and investigate any complaints in a timely manner.

Although no one method will solve all of your HOA parking problems, there are actions you can take to curtail the number of violations. It is not uncommon for most families to own two or more vehicles, which causes a limited number of available parking spaces within each community. This problem is compounded when guests visit. Because of this, parking rules and restrictions have become a necessity. By posting clear parking rules, communicating effectively with residents, and having a policy in place that is enforced, you can reduce the number of parking issues within your HOA.