As winter settles in, it is a good idea to take a peak at your car’s emergency breakdown checklist. Our winters might not be as harsh as the Great Lakes or Northeast, but find yourself roadside before the sun comes up one morning, and you might be wishing you’d had some supplies in your vehicle!

Phoenix Towing Services will come to your aid as quickly as possible, but while you wait for your emergency towing service, see what you alleviate yourself (maybe just the cold, that’s fine!).

Auto Emergency Breakdown Checklist:

  • Coolant and Oil

If you’ve been in Phoenix for a while, you know to always travel with coolant. In case you haven’t checked your trunk in a while, make sure you have both coolant and oil on hand.

  • Basic Tool Kit

Basic tools can help you fix minor issues before they escalate into permanent problems. Basic tool kit should include: small screwdriver with interchangeable heads, ratchet set and pliers. You can fix loose headlight, tail light, interior panels and tons of other small, possible problems.

  • Jumper Cables

Maybe for you, maybe for someone else, but oh boy are you the savior if you’ve got the cables in the car.

  • First Aid

You never know when you will get a cut or need pain relief while on the road. Be smart and travel with a first aid kit. Check your kit and see if it needs any restocking, if you already have one in the car.

  • Blanket

It might sound elementary and bulky, but you will thank us if you actually have to call in 24-hour emergency towing. In the event of a full breakdown, heat will be out and blankets will be an absolute must.

For all of your emergency roadside assistance needs, Phoenix Towing is just a phone call away.