The owners of Scottsdale exotic cars take the time to be sure their investments are looked after properly and maintained. These particular owners see to all the details including the cost of a set of new tires that can run into the thousands of dollars and the extra cash needed for two special oil filters for some of these unique rides.

So, after shelling out up to $30,000 dollars for new brakes, we understand they want to be sure they are getting the best when it comes to exotic car towing. That’s where we come in here at Phoenix Towing Service.

Our Right Approach Flat Bed System is the height of innovation because there’s no longer any need for ramps and wood planks thereby eliminating the possibility of damaging your exotic car. For vehicles with lower ground clearances, the Right Approach Flat Bed System is the perfect choice because the operator can lower the angle of the flat bed to accommodate the car. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured so you can rest assured your Scottsdale exotic cars will be looked after with the highest degree of professional care.

The exotic car maintenance cash you spend can be offset by our reliable and experienced exotic car towing services. Why not get in touch with us today?