Do you remember feeling pity for people standing aside of a road, holding their head in a wonder what to do? These situations are even worse than they look. If that happens to everyone, don’t be surprised when it happens to you. What’s more, be prepared.

Here are some frequent questions about car towing services:

What kinds of vehicles do companies tow?

Not every service company will tow machinery, motorcycle or a truck. Therefore, be informed when calling them and make sure they will provide the service you need. Nowadays, a professional towing company can do anything for you and respond quickl!

What kinds of tow trucks do they have?

I bet you didn’t even think of this as an important fact when it comes to towing your car. Well, for the sake of the safety of your vehicle, please do consider. Does the company tow using wreckers, flatbed trucks, or tow dollies? Besides professional drivers and perfect running condition of the tow trucks, the company must have a wide variety of tow equipment. You suffered enough of having your car breaking down, you don’t want them to make it even worse.

How long will it take for them to get to you?

The most frequent and vital question that customers need to ask when calling for a tow service is:”When will you be here?” Many companies say 30 minutes. Make sure to ask and notice the exact time.

Can companies provide an initial cost estimate?

If they can’t, don’t hire them. Today competition in the towing business has developed and created a market where companies with hidden prices and additional costs should be avoided. However, be aware of cheap car towing services. They are probably lacking in something. Bad service can cause you many more expenses by damaging your vehicle.

Do they offer other related services?

If you need an assistance with a car battery, changing a tire or jumping your car, you can rely on these companies too. At least, the professional and bonded ones.

Is there any difference in towing luxury and exotic cars?

As mentioned before, there are various types of towing vehicles as well as towing methods and techniques. If you are driving Porsche, Ferrari or any other luxury car you should definitely look up for a company that can provide you with the Right Approach Flat Bad System. It is an exotic car towing system that ensures extra safety and damage free service of vehicles with lower ground clearances.

Where is the company towing my car?

Wherever you want. If you weren’t asked or offered to define where your car should be towed, I have bad news for you. This is something every company should give as an option, yet many still don’t. Choose the one that does. It saves time and avoids many problems.

Do other companies work with my insurance?

It doesn’t have to be strictly your insurance company as long as they have their own. It is advisable to request documentation that can prove it. Make sure that before actual towing, the company issues a Technical Inspection Report with detailed information of an owner, car and its condition. The towing service company shall be responsible for any damage caused by towing the vehicle.

These are just some of most frequent questions people wonder, unfortunately, usually when an accident has already happened. For that reason, we want to share this crucial information just in case.

If you have any questions, we will provide you with an immediate answer and support. Please reach us by calling (602) 833-2878. Our car towing service is Valley-wide, day or night!