We’ve talked on numerous occasions about all the safety precautions you should consider when towing a vehicle, trailer, or a full-sized camper. We covered multiple techniques and went over some of the equipment needed to haul from point A to point B successfully. However, we never really gave examples of bad towing and how insanely wrong it can go. So, in that light, this article is going to be a rundown of all the mistakes and misconceptions related to the topic of how to tow a car or any other particular object.

Towing with the Car Not in Neutral

There are multiple methods you can explore when trying to figure out how to tow a car with another car. The most common one is by using a tow strap. Tow straps are far from the best option, but they are better than nothing. One thing to keep in mind when using it is that you want the vehicle that’s being towed to be in neutral gear.

Why is this important you may ask? If the transmission is not set to neutral, you are risking damaging your engine, tires, linkages, and, of course, your transmission. Leaving the transmission in gear keeps the car from moving on its own. If it’s being pulled by another vehicle, it needs to be able to move freely, hence why the transmission needs to be left in neutral.

Towing with the Parking Brake On

Parking Brake On

Again, similar to how leaving the car in gear can damage it, leaving the parking brake on will more than likely overheat the pads and burn the brakes. Always check if your transmission is in neutral and if the parking brake is released.

Towing a Rear-Wheel-Drive Car with a Dolly

Towing a vehicle with rear-wheel-drive can be challenging; however, if you stick to what towing companies and equipment manufacturers recommend, you shouldn’t experience any issues. Since this is an anti-tutorial on how to tow a car, here’s an example of how not to tow a rear-wheel-drive vehicle. When towing a vehicle with a dolly, the front of the car is lifted while the rear wheels remain on the driveway. The workaround is to disconnect the driveshaft, but that’s a time-consuming process, so people tend to look for simpler solutions. What they usually try to do is back up the car onto the tow dolly and transport it that way.

Why is this wrong? Well, it comes down to the car’s weight distribution. The bulk of a vehicle’s weight is the engine, and the engine is located in the front. If all that weight is hanging off the rear of the dolly, well then you’re just asking for trouble to happen.

Towing with Improvised Equipment

We saved the best for last, a real car tow extravaganza, so to speak. Once in a while, an idea pops up that can only be described as a moment of pure genius. People come up with all kinds of makeshift towing equipment in order to get themselves or their friends out of harm’s way. They use improvised tow straps, wooden sleds, and other unorthodox tools and methods; however, it usually makes the situation even worse. While we appreciate the creativity, we would never recommend using any of these methods to tow another vehicle or anything else in that matter. In fact, hiring professionals to do it for you is much more affordable than risking an even higher repair bill.

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