The vast majority of drivers have had to deal with a broken vehicle in the middle of the road at least once in their life. It’s somewhat normal for a car to suddenly stop working for some inexplicable reason, and it’s on you to find a tow company nearby that will take care of things for you promptly. 

However, what most people don’t think about is the way they have to behave to stay safe while waiting for a tow truck to arrive. While it’s pretty easy and simple to stay safe in a remote area where there is little traffic, it can be challenging on busy roads. You ought to keep a couple of essential safety precautions in mind, or else you could end up jeopardizing your safety and the safety of others on the road.

We’ve covered a couple of important points in this article that you should always keep in the back of your mind when your car breaks down. These points should keep you and the other participants in traffic safe at all times. 

How to Stay Safe on the Road 

  • Pull the Car Over (if possible)

In the vast majority of situations, the first order of business is to pull the car over so that it doesn’t stand in the way of other vehicles. Staying in the middle of a busy road significantly increases your chances of being hit by another car and getting injured. 

Now, in some cases, you won’t be able to move the vehicle because it either broke down or you’ve been in an accident. In that case, take your warning triangle out of your car, put it about 5-7 feet behind your vehicle, and move out of the way. 

If you’re in a secluded area with little to no traffic, it’s perfectly fine to stay in the vehicle and wait for central towing. In case you don’t feel safe, lock your doors, and close the windows until help arrives. 

  • Visibility is Essential 

Regardless of whether your car is on the side of the road or still on the road, you ought to turn on the hazard lights. On top of that, as we’ve mentioned previously, make sure to set up your reflective warning triangle behind and in front of your vehicle to warn other drivers. Flares, warning triangles, or any other early warning device is a must-have, especially at night. 

In case you’re not waiting for help inside your car, make sure you stand somewhere where other drivers can see you. It’s also advisable that you don’t spend too much time in the direct vicinity of your vehicle since it’s a massive safety hazard. For example, if someone were to crash into your car while you are nearby, chances are you’re going to get seriously injured. Therefore, the best way to do this is to stand at least a few feet away so that you’re visible and safe at the same time. 

Visibility is Essential 

  • Don’t Waste Your Phone Battery

This is one of those things most people don’t think about, but it makes a massive difference, especially in times of urgency. While it’s tempting to kill some time by scrolling through your social media feed while you’re waiting for the tow truck to arrive, it’s not something we would strongly recommend. No matter how much battery you have left, wasting it on mobile games or social media is risky, to say the least. What you should do, especially if you’re in a remote place, is search for “tow companies close to me” and make sure to read a couple of reviews or client testimonials before you opt for a particular company. 

Of course, if your car battery is still operational and you have a charger handy, feel free to disregard the advice mentioned above. 

  • Be Careful With Strangers

Unsolicited rides are somewhat of a double-edged sword because you can, in theory, get to the nearest town and find a tow company, but you can also run into people who might try to take advantage of you. Some groups of road criminals will work in pairs, and while one is giving you a ride to the nearest town, the other is stealing your stuff from the car. 

The best way to avoid this is simply to decline any unsolicited rides or tows, especially if you’ve already called a tow company. Whenever a tow truck pulls up, make sure it’s from the company you’ve called rather than some random guy looking to take advantage of you. If you’re not sure or perhaps the vehicle doesn’t have the company’s decals, call the company again and ask for verification. 

  • Don’t Leave Anything of Value in the Car  

This is a pretty simple and rather obvious thing to keep in mind, but people tend to oversee simple things when their brain is occupied with more important stuff like a broken car in the middle of the road. While your valuables should be safe and okay if you decide to stick around and wait for the tow truck, you should never leave any valuables if you choose to leave your car on the road. 

Even when the tow truck arrives, take your stuff out of the car. You never know what could happen in the meantime, and more importantly – personal belongings disappearing from a towed car is not unheard of by any stretch of the imagination, even when you’re dealing with reputable companies. 

Don’t Leave Anything of Value in the Car  

  • Always Keep a Bottle of Water Around 

No matter how close or far you are from the next town, it’s always a good idea to keep a bottle of water in your vehicle and stay hydrated, especially in Arizona. Many people have had serious issues with dehydration while being stranded in the middle of the desert in a broken car. Go ahead and put a bottle of water in your trunk right now, and you won’t have to think about it again. 

Call a Trusted Company

Many people make the mistake of calling the first phone number they find online. This is not good practice by any means, mostly because there is a real chance of you paying a premium price for services that otherwise cost significantly less. Many shady companies will try to capitalize on the unfortunate set of circumstances you’ve found yourself in, and that’s why you must do a bit of research before calling. You don’t have to spend much time on this; reading a couple of reviews and testimonials of clients should suffice. 

If you’re looking for a trustworthy and reliable company and you happen to be in the Phoenix area, don’t hesitate to call us, and we will gladly lend you a hand. Our employees are trained professionals who have years of experience in the business and know exactly how to handle urgent situations.