One of the most frustrating things that can happen to any vehicle owner is a dead battery. Towing companies in Phoenix get many calls from motorists who are stranded and have never learned how to jump start a car.  You can either learn to do this yourself with the help of a Good Samaritan or call a 24-hour towing service who will send qualified professionals who understand how jump starting a car works.

Jumper Cables

First off, you should buy yourself some good jumper cables if you don’t already have some. There are many different gauges available on the market and as a general rule, most automotive batteries work best with the thickest gauge wires you can afford. You can find a variety of jumper cables at your local automotive store or even ask experts at any towing company for advice on which are best for your particular needs.

Mind the Road

There is a procedure to safely jump start a car battery, and first and foremost, you’ll need to put your four- way flasher lights on at the side of the road so everyone understands you’re temporarily disabled as they pass by. Both vehicles need to be positioned so the engines are facing each other and they should be put in neutral or park. For extra safety, you should engage the parking brakes as well.

  • Next, you need to start the process of jump starting a car by attaching one of the red clamps to the positive terminal of your car. It’s important to look for the “+” or “POS” marking to be sure you’re getting this right.
  • The next step in jump starting a car  is to attach the other red clamp to the corresponding terminal on the other vehicle.
  • The black clip attaches to the terminal on the other vehicle next.
  • Take the other black clamp and attach it to some unpainted metal surface that’s not near the battery on your car. One of the struts that hold the hood open works well.
  • Start the helper car next and let the electricity flow for a few minutes before you try and start your vehicle.
Tow Truck Services

Towing companies in Phoenix have a few troubleshooting solutions that you can try if your first attempts at jump starting a car are unsuccessful. One of the first solutions should be checking the cables to see if they are all securely attached. If that doesn’t work, a 24-hour towing service will suggest that you ask the person helping you to let their car run for an extra 15 minutes and try the process again.

Even after you have learned how to jump start a car and you are up and running again, you’ll need to drive around for 15 minutes or so to charge the battery so it won’t go dead again immediately. Remember that if your battery won’t take a charge at the side of the road when you are receiving a jump start, it will more than likely need to be replaced. Likewise, you need a new battery if the same problem persists after you’ve got a boost.