If you do a lot of touring, you just have to visit Phoenix and see some of the best new and used Phoenix motorcycles. You can do that by visiting some of the most exciting and interesting motorcycle events in Phoenix. You’ll find a lot of things to do while you’re in Arizona, and you’ll see that even the desert has something to offer.

Here are some interesting events and shows that you should not miss while you’re in Phoenix:

  1. Cowboy Country Motorcycle Tour

If you have always been in love with the Old West and its history, experience it first hand on this tour! You’ll probably need a trailer for this tour. If you don’t have one, you can easily buy a Phoenix motorcycle trailer while you’re in town.

  1. Antique & Classic Motorcycle Show and Swap Meet

If you wish to enter this show your bike must be in original condition, or as close to original condition as possible. Old bikes break down constantly, and if you do not wish to risk your bike, you can always easily find a motorcycle tow service in Phoenix.

  1. Grand Canyon & Red Rocks Motorcycle Tour

Feel the wind in your hair and ride some of the best roads on your way to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Ride through historic towns and enjoy some of the most amazing scenic routes in Arizona.

  1. Phoenix Wounded Vets Run 2017

This event you can attend even if you don’t own a motorcycle. Support the veterans and enjoy the party!