Light-duty towing and commercial towing for heavy-duty vehicles are to be considered as two different branches of the same tree and such.

For starters, commercial vehicles are the backbone of a company’s industry and any time spent dealing with a breakdown can be considered as a minor or even major setback to a company’s business.

This is why when you are looking for the best towing company (which can cater to your commercial towing needs – just like Phoenix Towing Service can and will) should have the following:

Proper equipment

First of all, a proper company which can tow commercial vehicles will have the proper means to do so. Light-duty towing, such as towing passenger cars, smaller trucks, and SUVs requires mid-sized tow trucks with a simple front-end-lift mechanism. While this mechanism will suit most towing needs, for commercial vehicles this won’t be enough. These vehicles weigh tons more and both the engine and cargo should be handled with the utmost care during transport. In the worst case scenario, the tow vehicle must be able to extract the large truck and safely transport repairable components or cargo in devastating accidents.

The required set of skills

We’re not saying that light-duty towing is a piece of cake. It does require its own range of knowledge and the same applies to commercial towing as well. In order to provide top-notch towing services in this respective area, you need to understand how the engine functions and you also have to know how to securely connect each section of the commercial vehicle to your tow truck.

How about insurance?

While all towing companies carry insurance to cover any damages to the vehicles they tow during transport, there are noticeable differences between light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles. It’s a no-brainer to say that with heavy-duty engines, the costs will be much higher.

Professional commercial towing companies will have an insurance policy which will reflect this difference by offering coverage for both the cargo being carried by the commercial vehicle and the vehicle itself.

Support Network

While light-duty towing emergencies are serious, the problems involved are more or less solved locally with transporting the passenger vehicle to a local mechanic nearest to the owner’s home.

However, heavy-duty towing emergencies are more complex by nature and more often than not will have more issues involved. For example, the commercial vehicle may be hundreds of miles from its initial destination and a few hundred miles away from its starting location. When emergency towing has to be performed, professional towing companies will immediately begin negotiating with the truck driver, with the business’s coordinator, the mechanics in the area, and the receiver of the goods. With this complex process, the towing company ensures that the engine is repaired and the business experiences only minor setbacks because of the accident. When you call a qualified company, they will handle these challenges with ease and chances are, they will even set up a replacement transport for the cargo.

As you can clearly see, commercial towing has its own traits which make it different from light-duty towing. If you find yourself in need of such services, give us a call, we will take care of your road trips emergencies!