Avoid driving into or through a dust storm.

If you encounter a dust storm, immediately check traffic around your vehicle.

We mean the traffic in front, back and to the side. Begin slowing down.

Do not wait until poor visibility makes it difficult to safely pull off the roadway!

Do it as soon as possible. Completely exit the highway if you can.

Do not stop in a travel lane or in the emergency lane!

Look for a safe place to pull completely off the paved portion of the roadway.

Turn off all vehicle lights!

That also includes your emergency flashers! You do not want other vehicles approaching from behind to use your lights as a guide, possibly crashing into your parked vehicle.

Set your emergency brake!

Once you do that, don’t forget to take your foot off the brake.

Stay in the vehicle with your seatbelts buckled!

Wait for the storm to pass.

Drivers of high-profile vehicles should be especially aware of changing weather conditions and travel at reduced speeds.