Streets, roads, city traffic, freeway – we all know how dangerous driving on these routes can be. It doesn’t matter if you are behind the wheel, a pedestrian, or on a bike, it takes just a split second for a traffic accident to happen and cause severe consequences. Risks tow truck drivers face are huge as they spend many hours on the road helping people in distress, which is why we are here to raise awareness about this subject and hopefully prevent more accidents from happening in the future.

Here are 3 most common risks tow truck drivers face every day:

Driving a Loaded Truck through Heavy Traffic  

Navigating loaded tows through heavy and dense traffic is one of the biggest problems tow truck drivers face during their shifts. Although their trucks are designed for towing disabled vehicles, it still takes a lot of skill and experience to properly drive a towing vehicle and handle all the traffic.

Some of you might not know this, but there is a big difference between driving a tow truck when not in tow and handling a loaded tow truck. The thing is that each type of vehicle that needs to be towed requires different skills and experience. Different towed vehicles affect the tow truck in different ways. Dolly tow trucks may be especially challenging.

The numbers game simply doesn’t work in favor of tow truck drivers since they spend many hours on the road and in traffic handling a loaded as well as an unloaded tow truck, which means they are in greater risk of being involved in a car crash. Plus, tow trucks are more cumbersome and far less maneuverable, especially when loaded, than almost any other vehicle on the road. So next time you see a tow truck in traffic, make sure you give it enough space and stay out if its blind spot.

Being Hit By Passing Traffic While Attending to the Damaged Vehicle

This is definitely among the most hazardous risks tow truck drivers face while doing their job. Damaged and incapacitated vehicles are usually parked close to busy roads, so the tow tech needs to park the tow truck very close to heavy traffic and spend a lot of time operating next to the two vehicles while heavy traffic is passing close by. Again, it takes just a brief moment of distraction for a driver in a passing vehicle to not notice the tow tech and hit them.

This is why you need to take extra care every time you see a tow truck parked on the side of the road as it is highly likely that the driver is standing next to it.


Fatigue is a rather big problem for all professionals who must be available at all times. Tow truck drivers are no exception.

Driving while tired is never a good idea and we hope you are aware of all the dangers involved in this activity as driving requires high levels of concentration and sharp focus. Most tow techs are exhausted and tired towards the end of their workday (not to mention night shifts), and although it is mainly up to the tow techs themselves to make sure they are doing their job responsibly and in a professional manner, other people involved in traffic must make sure they are making their difficult job easier.

As fellow motorists, you should always take into account the possibility of a tow driver on the road next to you being tired, so a little road courtesy and consideration goes a long way when it comes to helping tow truck drivers do their job properly.