Although modern cars are typically quite reliable and are not prone to breaking down that easily, any driver must learn the signs of an unprofessional towing service, and be able to recognize a quality one. Imagine a scenario like this one:

It is a morning like any other. You wake up, have a tasty breakfast, some coffee, get in your car and you start your regular journey to your workplace. However, your car isn’t feeling as enthusiastic as yourself about work that day and it decides to break down. Whether it is some kind of a mechanical failure in the engine, a flat tire or there’s something wrong with the electronics, it just won’t start and this newfound predicament is now preventing your trip to work.

What causes engine knock ?

This is the moment when you need to call a towing service provider (unless you know how to fix the glitch yourself). But there’s just one problem: not all towing companies on the market are made equal. So, how do you know the towing service you called is a professional one?

Easy, with the following 4 signs of an unprofessional towing service.

  • Slow Response

When your car breaks down and you get stuck on the road with a damaged vehicle, one of the most crucial things that you need is a fast response from a towing company. Now, although there is no official rule when it comes to how quickly towing assistance must get to the sight, but the delay of up to half an hour is generally considered normal, depending on your location, of course.

This means that any delay longer than 30 minutes is a sign of unprofessional service and is generally considered unacceptable.

  • Unkempt Appearance Of The Technician

Much like it is the case with almost any other business out there, the appearance of the staff should always be on point. Yes, we know that towing is not exactly the cleanest job in the world, but any company that takes proper care of their customers must also make sure its staff is always of presentable appearance.

So, if the work clothing of the mechanic that arrived at the sigh has stains on it and is very dirty, or even has fragments that are torn up, it probably means that the towing company you selected is not the best one out there. Untidy appearance is almost always an obvious form of disrespect towards your customers, no matter the line of work you are in.

  • Towing Vehicle And Equipment In Bad Shape

Even more important than the appearance of the technicians is the condition of the truck and towing equipment. The vehicle should be in good shape and it must look like it has just passed the annual inspection. The quality of the gear must be high and if you notice any rust, debris or grime on the towing vehicle (or in the vehicle), it usually means the towing service you chose is unprofessional and you should avoid calling them in the future.

  • Inexperienced Towing Technicians

If you notice that the technician is being nervous, anxious, and is avoiding answering your questions, in most cases it means he or she is lacking towing experience, knowledge and professionalism.

So, the next time you find yourself in an emergency situation on the road and you require towing services, make sure you look for the abovementioned signs when the assistance arrives.

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