Let’s face it, summers in Phoenix are no joy ride. While people in other cities get freaked out when the temperature climbs above 98 degrees and start thinking about the end of the World as we know it, we might start to feel a little chilly.

As you may already know, the average temperature in our wonderful city hovers around 90 degrees in August, but statistically speaking, June is the hottest month, when some days the temperature reaches 100 degrees or even higher!

The summer heat is hard on us and on our cars too. Americans rely on their beloved vehicles heavily, that’s no news, so keeping them in top form is essential for all of us! Even though, we will be covering some essential things you need to consider to help your car survive the heat, remember, even if you do experience an engine breakdown, know that when it comes to vehicle towing, Phoenix Towing Service offers the best towing rates, the best towing vehicles and all around professional services in the area!

Earlier this summer the AAA  Arizona estimated that between late June and mid-September, there will be around 169,000 calls statewide for roadside assistance. As professionals have stated, breaking down in the Arizona summer can prove pretty dangerous, deadly even, especially if you are traveling with seniors or children in the vehicle.  As they have stated, most calls that they receive in the summer months have to do with tires blowing out, batteries. The third major problem is people locking their keys in their car.

Apart from these problems, car overheating can also become a major concern, especially when temperatures in the Valley are over 110 degrees for three consecutive (or even more) days. As the AAA professionals said, there were situations a year before where the vehicles were overheating to the point where they were actually catching on fire.

Luckily, car owners can prevent such disasters to happen with consistent car maintenance tips for these hot summer days.

  • Always check your tire pressure. Readjust pressure if the tires are underinflated.
  • Make sure that the car battery is clean of corrosive build up and other unwanted materials. Also, make sure that the battery is securely mounted.
  • The vehicles cooling system should be regularly inspected and maintained by a trusted car specialist. The inspection should also include hoses and belts.
  • Keeping your car hydrated with proper levels power steering fluid, motor oil, brake fluid and transmission fluid is also essential to prevent problems from happening.
  • You should also keep tabs on your air conditioning system in the vehicle. Have the AC checked by a professional regularly, and make sure you keep the cold air coming in when using the car.

Besides all this, make sure to carry a cooler of water for you and your passengers. Also, be sure to have an emergency kit in the car with basic repair tools, first aid supplies, and jumper cables.

If you experience an engine breakdown in the middle of the road, you can also call 911 since the law enforcement can sometimes respond faster and can assist you with your problem.

These tips will come in handy to evade any kind of heat-related problems while on the move. However, if your car does stop in the middle of the road, remember to give us a call! Help will be on the way!