Although cars are now safer than ever due to a plethora of new safety features they possess, drivers still have to stay as alert and as focused as possible, and pay attention when they are behind the wheel. These new safety features can actually be a double-edged sword as new drivers seem to rely too much on these gadgets and thus not develop all the necessary driving skills.

The findings by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) suggest that the number of traffic fatalities actually skyrocketed since 2015. This is why we at Phoenix Towing would like to remind you of some of the most important rules of being a good, conscientious driver:

  • be alert at all times
  • don’t drive too fast
  • avoid distractions at all times
  • remain mindful of the weather conditions
  • remain mindful of the traffic
  • keep the distance from the vehicle in front of you
  • don’t use your cellphone while driving…

That being said, here are all the safety features you need to look for when buying a safe car in 2018:

Forward Collision Warning

Vehicles with this feature have front sensors that warn the driver of an impending collision so he/she can avoid impact.

Automatic Emergency Braking If the forward collision warning sensors detect an impending collision, the automatic brakes will stop the car to avoid the collision.

Lane-Departure Warning

This is an alarm system that notifies the driver if his/her car begins to drift from the lane on a freeway.

Backup Camera

This camera is automatically activated when you shift into reverse, so you can have a clear view behind your vehicle.

Camera attached rear car for safety reverse drive.

Electronic Stability Control

This feature helps the driver keep control of the vehicle in slippery conditions.

Automatic Crash Notification

If the crash occurs, this feature will notify emergency responders.

Lane-Keeping Support

If you begin to drift while driving on a freeway, this feature will automatically steer your car back into the lane.

Lane keeping

Pedestrian Automatic Emergency Braking

If you fail to see a pedestrian in front of your vehicle, this feature will alert you and automatically apply the brakes.

Blind-Spot Detection

Notifies you when there’s a vehicle in your blind (on either side of your car).

Adaptive Headlights

These headlights move their focus as you turn and curve so you can see better.

Safety Tips For Buying A Used Car In 2018

Now, if you are buying a used car that hasn’t been built that recently, you will want to look for safety features that are a bit different than those mentioned above. Here are some of the basic tips for buying a safe used car, and let me tell you – some of these might surprise you!

Buy A White Car


According to statistics, if you have a white vehicle, you are least likely to get into a car accident. White is apparently the safest color as it is much easier to see compared to other colors. This is the case both during the night AND during the day.

White car

Aim For A Car With 6 Airbags

The best combination is: two in the front, two side airbags, and 2 full-length curtains (or head airbags).

Good Tires Go A Long Way

Make sure that the tires are new and of high quality. Remember, tires need to have plenty of treads so your vehicle is safe to drive, especially in winter and during rainy days. If you are not sure how to choose the right tires, go with a known brand and ask the salesperson to help you out.

Have A Mechanic Check The Car Out Before You Make A Purchase

This is crucial because, if a car isn’t mechanically sound and reliable, it can be a huge hazard for you and people around you.

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