As winter approaches, the number of drivers on the roads of Arizona will increase as it does every year. Whether in Phoenix, Tucson, surrounding metropolitan areas or the desert itself, drivers usually have to make split-second decisions to avoid accidents that can impact not the safety of themselves, but their passengers and other drivers who are using the road as well.

Ten tips to help you drive safely in Arizona

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1. Always keep your cool

Stay Calm Gif

No, we’re not talking about those popular road rage videos. Being distracted, sad, exhausted and under stress can also cause accidents. In today’s world, friends and family are always accessible, they can always reach out to you and they can always reach out to you. However, when driving, this can not only lead to distraction but to emotional conversations while behind the wheel. If you get emotionally overwhelmed by a conversation you had with your loved one, it’s suggested to pull over and gather your thoughts before returning to the road.

2. Take your time and stay calm

stay calm

Even if you are in a bit of a hurry, pull over when you feel like you need to. Pull over when you’re on the phone, when you’re texting, eating, drinking or even disciplining your children who may be acting up in the back seat.

3. Pack snacks and water

remember car snacks

You don’t have to go cross-country to pack up. It’s always a good idea to have something to snack on or to drink even if you are driving across a metropolitan area. Remember, Arizona is warmer the other states. A bottle of water can save both you and your car in the heat of the day. Even during winter months.

4. Use modern tech to your advantage

getting lost

Get a GPS that tells you directions and leave old maps and reading directions on a device to others. When you are reading you are not paying attention to the road to the fullest. A quality GPS is not that much of an investment, yet it can save you and others.

5. Ladies and gentleman, fasten your seatbelts!

buckle it up

Yes, everybody knows that you have to buckle up when riding in a car. However, car accidents are the leading cause of death for children ages 10-19 according to If nothing else, we should all teach our children to fasten their seat belts when riding in a car. And if they see us doing it, chances us, they will follow the example, thus saving their own lives in an accident.

6. You’re probably not the king of the road


Don’t honk or yell unnecessarily in a traffic jam. We can’t control traffic we can only control the way we handle it. If you’re fired up or angry, it’s better to pull over and calm down rather than giving fellow drivers the finger or even getting physical with them.

7. Obey the rules

road rules

Traffic laws weren’t invented to frustrate you even if they sometimes do just that. They are here to ensure your safety along with the seatbelts. Don’t forget to signal during changing lanes. Treat yellow lights as red and be alert for pedestrians and other drivers. Remember to keep on eye out for traffic signals as well.

8. Nothing to see here!

move a long nothing to see here.

There’s no need to slow down your car to get a better view of an accident unless you’re in it. By slowing down, you are more likely to cause one yourself.

9. School Zones

Lollipop man

Pay attention to these zones and slow down. Not can you avoid hurting a child, you will also spare yourself from the cops if they catch you speeding in a school zone.

10. Stop when it says STOP

Don’t pause. Traffic signs are on the road to control traffic flow both for vehicles and pedestrians. Obey the rules and come to a complete stop.

These ten tips should keep you safe or make you a safer and more competent driver. However, if you do find yourself in need of roadside help, dial our number. Phoenix Towing Service is here to help!