Most drivers fail to recognize the importance of distinguishing a bad towing company from a good one until they actually have to deal with unfortunate events such as flat tires, dead batteries, and collisions. Now, car mishaps are not something you plan for, and you might think that having a reliable towing service on speed dial is a bit over the top. However, think of it as a safety precaution similar to carrying a spare tire in your trunk. If you end up in an accident, having a professional and experienced towing truck company arrive at the scene to recover your vehicle will be a sight for sore eyes.

But how can one tell the good from the bad? What makes a towing company good, and what makes it a complete nightmare to work with? Here are a few tips that will help you make the right decision when it matters the most.

Always Available

Even if a towing service prides itself on using the most sophisticated equipment and the latest and greatest flatbed trucks, it doesn’t do you any good if they are not available when you need them the most. Unexpected car mishaps can happen at any time of the day, so you want to contact a towing company that offers its services around the clock. Companies that are serious about their towing business have staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, with no exceptions. Holidays usually mean busy roads and a lot of traffic jams, hence why they are the busiest time of the year for towing companies.

Location and Range of Service

When an accident happens, you want to get yourself as far away from danger as possible. In some cases, this will mean leaving your car and distancing yourself from the busy road. Now, you don’t want to leave your vehicle blocking the intersection for too long as that puts other drivers in danger, so it’s crucial to start searching for a towing company as soon as you’ve notified the authorities. A good rule of thumb is to always look for local towing companies that can reach you in the least amount of time. This is not the only criteria in determining which towing service to acquire, but it’s important due to the time-sensitive nature of the situation.

That being said, car malfunctions can happen anywhere, and it’s not uncommon that people get stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery or flat tire. In these situations, look for reputable tow truck companies that provide their services to a wider area.

Tow Truck Fleet and Equipment

Tow Truck Fleet

When talking to a tow truck company regarding your needs, always inquire about the type of tow trucks they have in their fleet and the additional equipment required to execute their job properly. By doing so, you’ll be 100 % sure whether or not they are capable of helping you. The type of truck and availability of equipment dictates what kind of vehicle can be towed properly and risk-free.

Quickness and Efficiency

Nobody wants to be stuck at the side of the road for too long, especially if their broken-down vehicle is putting others in danger. A good towing company will respond quickly and efficiently, immediately sending one of their trucks to provide you with roadside assistance. While the time it takes them to reach your location will depend on the distance the truck needs to travel, it should never be more than one hour. Anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes is good response time.

Quality of Service and Reputation

The last thing you want is more damage to your car, and that’s exactly what will happen if you allow an unreliable and inexperienced towing company to handle your already damaged vehicle. Always check online for customer reviews before settling for a towing company. Time is of the essence when you’re stuck with a broken-down vehicle, but a quick glance might save you from a dreadful experience. The quality of the towing service depends on many factors, but the most important one is the professionalism and expertise of the personnel arriving at the collision scene. If the tow truck driver is experienced enough, he will get you out of harm’s way in no time while also following standard procedures and safety precautions.

Certified and Bonded

Remember that the fastest solution might not always be the best one. Unlicensed tow trucks might randomly arrive at the collision scene and offer their assistance. However, most of the time, these tow truck drivers are looking to scam you by upping the price and charging you extra for something you didn’t even agree on. This is why it’s better to call a company you can trust and rely on. If a towing company is fully licensed, bonded, and certified by the Department of Public Safety and Department of Transportation, it means that you and your vehicle are completely protected from any additional damage received during the towing process. The first priority towing companies have is the safety of their customers, so having these insurance coverages in place is always a good thing in case something goes wrong.
Another thing you should consider is the fees and total costs of towing. Transparency is crucial and it’s what separates the good towing companies from the bad ones. If a towing service fails to provide you with a quote prior to reaching the collision scene, then they are probably trying to scam you or at least leave room for upping the price later on. While priority one towing and emergency towing might not be the easiest service to give a quotation for, it should still be communicated before you decide to acquire their services.

Accompanying Benefits and Other Conveniences

Finally, if you can’t decide between two competing towing companies, something that might make you choose one instead of the other is the additional benefits one of them provides. Reputable towing companies that have been in business for years have developed relationships, partnerships, and joint-ventures with many other companies.

Some towing services offer to work directly with insurance companies, making it easier for you to file for a claim. Others have their own repair shops and might be able to quickly find a spare part for you. In both cases, you’ll save time and money, making it a deciding factor when searching for a reliable towing company near you.

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