Towing different things requires different skills, rules and equipment. This is especially true for towing a motorcycle. There are several crucial things to bear in mind, and even if you fail at just one aspect of this procedure, it can result in your motorcycle tipping over or even falling off your rig completely during the process.

In order to avoid this unwanted scenario, make sure to read through the following 6 basic tips on towing motorcycle:

Pick The Right Trailer

Whatever it is that you are towing, you must pick a trailer that suits your current towing needs. Since there are many different models of towing trailers, it is perhaps the best idea to consult your bike retailer for some advice.

Factors you should take into consideration:

  • What type of motorcycle you are towing?
  • How often you plan on towing your motorcycle?
  • How much money you are willing to spend on a trailer?
  • Where you will be driving (what conditions you expect to encounter on your trips)?
  • How towing-savvy you are?
  • How skilled you are with tools…?

All of these aspects should impact your decision.

NOTE: Most people decide to rent a trailer. The companies that offer these services almost always provide top-notch quality equipment that is up to date and in compliance with federal and state law regarding plates, lighting and registration.

Get Quality Ratchet Straps

Although there are several types of straps available on the market, ratchet straps are quite easy to handle and come by. You can find these at most home centers, as well as discount stores.

NOTE: When towing a motorcycle, make sure you pay close attention to the number that says “Working Load Limit.” You will want to find straps that have a working load limit of at least half the weight of the load you’re towing.

Don’t Forget About The Front Wheel Chock

The front wheel chock is a sturdy piece of metal (or hard plastic) that you place around the front wheel of your bike. This handy piece of equipment will prevent your motorcycle from moving during the towing process.

Use The Loading Ramp

Regardless of whether you have an assistant while towing a motorcycle, we recommend you use the loading ramp so you can load your bike onto the trailer more easily.

broken bike towing photo

Tips For Strapping Up

  • A general rule of thumb is to attach the straps as high as you possibly can on your motorcycle, while you would want to go as low as possible when it comes to attaching the straps onto the trailer. This will provide the optimal holding power.
  • For optimal stability, make sure you use the famous X pattern.
  • Although your bike is probably on its side-stand (leaned to the left) before you start the strapping process, you will want it to be perfectly vertical when the strapping is over.
  • Use some soft loops while strapping to protect your bike.

Make Sure You Have Some Time To Practice Driving With A Loaded Trailer

Before you go into heavy traffic and/or the highway, you should practice driving around your neighborhood with the loaded trailer, especially if this is your first time towing a motorcycle.

Practice makes perfect.

It may sound a bit corny, but it IS true, so attach the loaded trailer to your main transportation vehicle and drive in low traffic areas first so you can feel how the rig is behaving. This way you will also see if the straps are holding up, and you will get some experience when it comes to driving while loaded.

Make sure you also check how everything behaves in tight corners and try backing up, just to get a feel of it.

So, there you go. We wish you luck with your towing endeavors.

Do you think we perhaps forgot to mention some important tips on how to tow a motorcycle? Feel free to leave a comment if have. For more articles like this one, and for top-quality towing services in Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa, contact Phoenix Towing Service!