Maintaining tires is not rocket science, but it is vital to know a few tricks to save money and avoid unexpected situations in traffic. Tires are the only part of your vehicle which come in contact with the road, so they need to be in great working condition all the time in order to ensure a safe and pleasant ride.

Car Tire Inspection

Just like a doctor, the first thing you need to do is conduct an inspection. Try to notice if your tire has been damaged. Search for wear or any superficial anomaly which may seem like it can turn into a problem. Also, make sure to have a professional check your tires at least once a year.

Air pressure

Lack or excess of air in a tire can significantly compromise security. The incorrect tire pressure can greatly affect your vehicle’s braking and handling, especially in wet conditions. Driving with both under-and over-inflated tires can cause a build-up in heat, which leads to premature failure, as well as suspension and acceleration problems. Aim to check your air pressure monthly and before long-distance trips at your 24-hour tire service.

High speeds

Tires during high speeds build up heat and can be damaged by various hazards on the road. Yes, the quality of the road itself is very important, but so is keeping your speed gauge within the bounds of reason. Abused high speeds can even cause sudden tire explosions and consequentially loss of vehicle control.

Load capacity

Every tire has a load index which needs to be respected. Exceed the capacity and you will have an excessive heat build-up resulting in sudden tire destruction.


Most importantly, do not feel embarrassed or reluctant to ask someone for help or advice. This goes without saying for your entire vehicle, not just the tires. If you want to be part of the traffic, you need to know all the basics of maintaining your vehicle, otherwise you will eventually catch yourself asking questions like “Where can I find a flat tire repair near me?” or “How do I replace my spare tire?”