America is the birthplace of the automobile and since the invention; American companies have produced some true classics that continue to withstand the test of time. Standing toe to toe with foreign icons and exotic cars, these classic American made cars are truly some of the best ever built. Here are our top 10 classic American cars.

  1. Tucker 48 
  2. Cadillac Eldorado 
  3. Chevrolet Corvette 
  4. Shelby Cobra 
  5. Ford Mustang 
  6. Plymouth Roadrunner Superbird 
  7. AMC Eagle 
  8. Saleen S7 
  9. Ford GT 
  10. Hennessey Venom GT

These only represent a long list of true American vintage cars. Whether you’re driving a vintage classic or a new one right off the lot, some cars will have problems and when that happens, its nice to know that a reliable towing service will have your back when you need them. Visit or call (602)833-2915 for more information and 24-hour towing service.

Also, we’d love to hear about what you think the most American Classic car is in the comments below!