Motorcycle enthusiasts and collectors alike understand what can make a bike an icon of the industry. From new technology to distinctive styles, there are a variety of reasons that a certain motorcycle can leave a lasting impact on the culture. Whatever brand you may be loyal to, you can be sure to appreciate each and every bike on this list. Here are the top vintage motorcycles that have been crowned icons over the years.

1936 Harley-Davidson EL

This bike revolutionized the design of heavyweight motorcycles and became the bike all other would measure up to for the following decades. Harley-Davidson put their famous 61-cubic-inch Knucklehead V-twin engine into this stunning bike to create a visually distinctive focal point of the bike. Many features of this bike are still included on many of the Harley’s that are produced today.

1959 Triumph T120 Bonneville

Named after the Salt Flats in Bonneville, Utah where Triumph set world records in speed trials. This bike completely embodies the British style and performance. Easily topping out over 100mph, this is the same bike that Steve McQueen rode in the movie, “The Great Escape” and Evel Knievel jumped the fountain at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

1931 Royal Enfield Bullet

This bike holds the record for the longest continuous production run of any other bike in history making it one of the most popular bikes ever made. The very first model that was produced in 1931 is the prize of the collection, however, Royal Enfield has produced versions ever since. The original 1931 model features a modest 350cc four-stroke engine.

1947 Indian Chief

One of the most storied names in all of the industry, Indian built motorcycles that purists loved. This bike came with a 1,200cc engine, which means it was able to hit 85mph in third gear. The style of the Chief is iconic and is still produced today. Indian’s are known for their unique styling and ultra smooth ride, which was in contrast to many of its competitors.

1940-45 Harley-Davidson WLA

Harley produced this military bike during the war years of 1940-1945 and a grand total of 90,000 were manufactured. This is one of the most prized bikes that a collector could get their hands on. Outfitted with special features that made it efficient to use on the muddy battlefields of Europe, the WLA in Army green appeals to WWII history buffs as well as motorcycle collectors.

1970 Honda CT70 Trail

Having sold over 100,000 CT70’s in 1970 alone, this bike was small enough for kids to learn to ride but also strong enough to carry their parent. Slightly bigger than a mini bike, the CT70 Trail was street legal but extremely durable to withstand off-road adventures that any crazy kid could think of. Many Baby Boomers remember learning to ride on this bike.

1977 Harley-Davidson Low Rider

This bike perfectly mixed the chopper features with a drag racing bike. The Low Rider got its name from the scooped out seat. Harley-Davidson was trying to capture an aesthetically bare, stripped-down bike that still packed a heavy punch of power. The consensus from collectors says that Harley was spot on with this bike!

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