We live in a world of now. We want information, life updates, news, etc.. from a touch of a button. We tend to take shortcuts and overlook the details to keep up with the pace around us. With this accelerated pace, the roads have gotten a bit more dangerous. You often see drivers juggling a large coffee in one hand while sending off an email in the other. People are in such a hurry these days that safety is taking a backseat on our roadways.

I can remember about a year ago driving down a local highway and passing a gentleman standing outside his car looking at the mess he had created. The trailer hitched to the back of his car was now carrying nothing. About 400 feet from his trailer rested his Harley Davidson mangled between the guard rail. Luckily, the highway at the time was practically empty and his accident didn’t cause any harm to other drivers. Although I was judging this older gentleman as the motorcycle towing service pulled up, I could relate. I often rush prep work in order to enjoy an activity sooner. The problem is I rarely think of the consequences. The picture of the turned over motorcycle has inspired me to pass on useful knowledge on how to safely tow a motorcycle.

Towing Your Motorcycle

There are many ways you can go about towing a motorcycle, so you want to make sure you pick an option that suits you best. Before we even discuss the motorcycle,  we need to make sure the trailer is properly connected to the car.

When connecting your hitch to your car, make sure the hitch pin is inserted. Then properly connect the hitch coupler to the ball mount and attach the safety chains to the car. Lastly, make sure your trailer lights are working and connected properly.

Now it’s time to get the motorcycle on the motorcycle tow trailer. In a perfect world the motorcycle would only need a kickstand to stay secured on the trailer, but in reality you are going to need some motorcycle towing equipment. I would recommend you invest in a motorcycle rail. The motorcycle rail allows for the wheels of the motorcycle to sit securely providing stability for the cycle as it is being towed. Once the motorcycle is securely placed in the motorcycle rail it would behoove you to use straps to add another layer of stability to the motorcycle.