Riding a motorcycle symbolizes what our great nation is all about. A symbol of freedom, a symbol of the ability to roam freely, the excitement and the adventure of discovering new places, opportunities, and beautiful views. Let’s face it, everyone would like to own a bike and to go on a ride from time to time. There is just something really eye-catching and intriguing about those “horses made of steel”, that captures our fantasy and won’t let us go. Some of us turn that dream into reality, while others only dream on, without ever riding or owning an actual bike.

Freedom and unforgettable journeys aside, bikes (just like cars) can be a handful. While bikes are today’s engineering masterpieces, these delicate vehicles sometimes also stop unexpectedly in the middle of the road. It’s something basically out of Murphy’s law and we all have to suffer it through from time to time.

Luckily, today’s towing services offer motorcycle towing as well as “classic towing”. As a part of our services, Phoenix Towing also includes the service mentioned above and uses only the best motorcycle trailers to get the job done!

Towing a motorcycle the proper way? Let’s find out!

In the first step, you want to pick the right trailer. There are a variety of trailers which you can use, depending on what kind of bike you want to move and some other factors. You might want to pick the kind of trailer which fit the bike you want to tow.

In the second step, you want to make sure that your bike is safe on the trailer. Motorbikes are pretty heavy machines and if they aren’t secured, they can shift, or actually fall off of the trailer. This also means you’ll want to be careful behind the wheel when the actual towing starts. To secure the motorbike, get some ratchet straps because these usually do the job well. Pay attention to the working load limit of the straps as well, to ensure the bike’s safety.

Having wheel chocks is also one of those musts you have to have to be able to tow a bike the right way. Place the chocks in front of and behind the front wheel of the bike. This will ensure it won’t move during its trip.

Once you placed the bike (by using a ramp to load it) on the trailer, it’s a good idea to put the side stand down and start attaching the straps front and rear. Secure the straps on the trailer and remember to secure the rear straps rearward on the bike, because this way you create counter tension on the front straps, fixing the bike.

Before driving, make sure the bike’s suspension is compressed. If not, the straps might not be secured and may come off.

Covering the bike with a tarp is also a good idea. Using a canvas or vinyl tarp to cover it usually keep the bike safe from the elements. Just firmly tie it down on the straps on or the bike itself.

All in all, these are the things that are essential to towing a bike safely. Driving is also something people need to be mindful about since the bike is delicately placed on the trailer. Don’t forget, it has only two wheels instead of four. This means, it’s not just easier to fall off of, but harder to transport as well.

These tips will surely come in handy when you need to tow your bike. To avoid all the hassle, calling us will ensure a quick fix to your problem. After all, we’ve just given you the essentials of motorbike towing, this also says we’re experts at it!