Exotic and classic cars are rare, and the owners love them. They treat them like children, and that is the way it should be. Unfortunately, these cars break down in the middle of the road too. If you care about your car, you don’t want just any guy to tow it or to help you jump start it. You want to hire a professional company with drivers who care about unusual and exotic cars like you do.

Exotic car towing requires a keen sense of responsibility and careful attention to detail. Not many companies want to tow exotic and classic cars. They are simply afraid that something will happen to them, and that means that they don’t trust their drivers. Avoid these roadside assistance companies even if you need a tow of a regular car.

We understand that you don’t want anything to happen to your car after you’ve splashed the cash on new brakes or a new steering wheel. Our company is fully insured, licensed, and bonded, and our drivers are experienced. Nothing will happen to your car while it’s on the road.

The biggest drawbacks of owning a classic or exotic car

Most owners of exotic and classic cars just want to drive hard and fast. They want to enjoy their car, but sometimes that is not possible.

  1. The people

There are different kinds of people who can be a potential problem to you.

– The people who want to race you

You were one of them when you were eighteen, admit it. That’s fine, but now that you’re older you just want to enjoy the drive. These people who want to race you are a problem because they want to tell their friends they raced a Lambo or a Ferrari. Try to ignore these people.

– The people who simply don’t care

The most dangerous driver on the road is the one that simply does not care. Some people will give you the room, or they will move to admire your car. But that one guy with a bald temporary tire? Who knows what he might do. He might move left or right suddenly and damage your car. He won’t care. He will tell you ”It’s just a scratch!”.

  1. Roads

The truth is, it doesn’t matter where you’re going, the roads are awful everywhere. The roads are completely fine if you’re driving a Neon, but if you own an exotic car the roads are hell.

  1. Parking

Fitting into parking spaces is not the issue, but once again, other people can be a problem. You never know who will scratch or hit your car while it is parked. Once you’ve parked you’ll worry constantly, and you won’t be able to drink your coffee or tea in peace.

Why towing an exotic car is the safest option?

Towing an exotic car is the safest option because you can relax. If you want to visit an exotic car show and show off your car, you simply cannot do it without a towing company. As we’ve said, the roads are awful and some drivers simply do not care about other drivers.

We care about exotic and classic cars as much as you do, and we have the technology to transport your vehicle. Don’t drive your car and risk something happening to it if you don’t have to. Let the professionals do their job and enjoy your car later when the roads are empty and the weather is clear.