If you live in Arizona and have some heavy machinery that needs transporting safely and efficiently from point A to point B, it’s important to have a good knowledge of what a credible best towing service can do for you.

Understanding your machinery well is a great start, since this will make it easier to accurately inform the towing company about what needs to be done. Make sure they can match towing capacities and the load that needs to be moved from your construction site. There are several factors that need to be looked at, including the tire capacity for the truck that will be hauling or towing the freight.

Keep in mind that experience is one of the major factors that should drive your decision when choosing the right towing company. Finding a heavy machinery transportation specialist in Phoenix that knows your machinery and has experience moving it is a good start.

There are other items you should be looking for including a company that has the right straps to tie down a forklift or something smaller that can be transported on the back of a flatbed. Don’t be afraid to ask the right questions and expect easy to understand answers from the specialists.

Weight Distribution

Another area where you should be asking the right questions when it comes to transporting machinery in Arizona has to do with the proper weight distribution. A good company that specializes in moving heavy machinery will understand exactly the proper placement for each of the items that need to be moved so the weight stays even and doesn’t roll or shift on the trailer.   

It’s important to find a company that leads the way in innovation as well. Transporting trailers that allow operators to change the angle of the flatbed itself makes the use of wooden planks and other ramps a thing of the past. This innovation  increases safety as well as lessening the chance large equipment and/or antique cars and other collectibles will be damaged in transit. Finding a company you can trust almost always means finding the leader in innovation because these are the people that take the time to invest in the latest products.

At Phoenix Towing Service, we have all the necessary equipment and the advanced technology needed for transporting heavy equipment. We have a passionate and knowledgeable team that are highly trained, not only in this particular industry, but in customer service as well.