The need for roadside assistance may happen at any time of the day. Whether you’ve suffered a mechanical failure or an accident, getting trapped in the middle of the road, with several other worst situations associated is one of the overwhelming conditions.

Depending on the size and type of vehicle to be towed, five common types of towing equipments are used namely:

  • Boom
  • Hook and chain
  • Flat bed
  • Integrated
  • Wheel lift

Boom is a piece of equipment that is widely used on several types of tow truck. Even though not a specific type, this adjustable winch device helps vehicle recovery from an embankment, culvert or ditch. It also include place the automobile cannot be safely backed-up to.

Usually referred to as sling or belt lift, this is yet another equipment used for a vehicle recovery. In view of the fact that, slings can cause scratches to bumpers, they are not used much these days. In the region of the vehicle frame or axle, chains are looped, which is drawn uphill by a boom winch to rest adjacent to a pair of heavy rubberized mats such that the vehicle can be towed on its other axle. Though not used these days, vehicles that are caught up by accidents, or that have one or two of the front or rear wheels gone or for lift up trucks and other vehicles that have steel bumpers, slings are considered. Seeing that car’s drive train can cause certain issues, autos outfitted with all-wheel drive cannot be towed with the help of a sling.

As with flatbeds, the back of the truck is fixed with a bed that can be hydraulically leaned and moved to floor level, allowing the vehicle being hauled to be placed on it under its own power or pulled by a winch. Integrated and wheel lift are other common towing equipments used to tow an auto or caravan. Having said all that, with regards to these types of services there are several state rules and laws that impede in the course of action involved.

What you might not know about getting towed

Depending on the state laws and rules related to towing there are possibilities that access to your car in the garage may be restricted. This is a good reminder that you don’t carry original documents or store important stuff in your car. In case of an accident and your car being towed, you might not have immediate access to those items inside the car.

It is highly recommended that you sign up for a licensed towing firm, in case if you are in an accident or break down on the highway. You may not call your own tow truck.