If you find yourself in a situation where you walk up to a parking lot to find your car is nowhere to be seen and has been towed away, don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world. However, you’ll want to be familiar with what towing a car laws include. Familiarizing yourself with these laws and being aware of your rights is crucial in the event of having your car towed away.

As our towing service covers the Greater Phoenix area, this article will focus on towing laws in Arizona. Keep in mind that your rights may vary from state to state, so make sure to look up private towing laws in your state.

Private Properties and Towing Signs

If you live in Arizona or you’re just passing by, it’s good to know that it is legal to park on private properties. However, make sure there aren’t any “no parking” signs located near your vicinity. In the case that a warning is present, we highly recommend avoiding parking there as the property owner will have the right to arrange for your car to be towed. Aside from issuing a warning, the signs should also include which company has permission to tow your vehicle and how to contact them.


New Arizona Law That Protects Your Rights

So you got your car towed, and you want to get it back, but what should you do if you’re dealing with a shady towing company that’s not treating you right?

Not so long ago, the governor of Arizona introduced a law that holds tow truck companies accountable for shady behavior and unfair treatment of car owners. The bill was welcomed by drivers in Arizona that have previously been a victim to towing companies that acted in bad faith, but also by reputable 24-hour towing companies that always conducted their operations fairly.

The new law requires towing companies to:

1. Accept debit and credit card payments

It was common practice for towing companies to only accept cash payments. Well, that’s not the case anymore. With the introduction of the new law, every truck towing service can be paid for by debit or credit cards. 

2. Release your vehicle

If your trying to get your car back after it has been towed following an accident, the towing company is obligated to release your vehicle on the day of your request as long as you have the appropriate paperwork.

3. Allow you to access your vehicle

Previously towing companies could demand payment before they allow you to access your vehicle. With the new law in place, you can now inspect your car and recover your personal belongings.

4. Track storage days properly

With the introduction of the new law, one storage day is calculated from midnight to midnight. 

5. Providing a list of fees before issuing a bill 

Under Arizona’s new towing law, tow truck companies are required to issue a written list of fees and a receipt before requesting payment.

6. Tow your vehicle to the nearest possible lot

Towing companies are required to transport your car to the closest storage lot available. However, your vehicle might be towed to a different lot if the police request it for some reason. 

7. Have reasonable working hours

Your towed car should be available for pick up anywhere between 9 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday. Towing companies are forbidden to charge fees for the time they are not accessible during their regular working hours.

8. Take responsibility for their employees and contractors

This was a common case before the introduction of the new law. Now every tow truck company is responsible for their full-time employees, as well as their contractors.

Now you know how to practice your towing rights in case you need them. Are you interested in finding a reputable towing company for your needs? Do you still have specific questions like “can a tow truck tow your car with you in it?” Then take a moment and check out our service page.