From time to time, we’ll come across abandoned vehicles in our neighborhoods. The protocol varies from city to city, but it’s important to know the right steps to take when it happens. Here’s what to do with an abandoned vehicle in Arizona:

  • Survey the scene. By how much has the vehicle surpassed the allotted parking time? Are parts of the car missing? Is a tire flat?
  • Check in with the neighbors. Does anybody know whom the vehicle belongs to? Has anybody seen a driver or passenger enter/exit the car in the last few days?
  • Call the local sheriff’s office. They’ll contact an abandoned vehicle towing service. Be sure to be accurate with your description of the car so an innocent drivers’ car isn’t taken away! Sometimes, they’ll place a 24-warning tag before towing.

Whatever you do, take action! Reporting an abandoned vehicle can help solve a crime, keep a neighborhood safe and clean and overall, keep things running smoothly. Phoenix Towing Service provides the city’s best 24 hour tow truck service. Contact us to help you, today!