So your car breaks down, you’re in the middle of the highway, and AH! What do you do? Don’t worry, it isn’t always such a dramatic scene. But there some rules of thumb to follow when this happens to you.

1. Get your car off the road, right away

We’ve all seen drivers who aren’t paying attention and well, an idled car in the road can make matters go poorly, quickly.

2. Call a 24-hour towing company

Once you are off the road, you are going to need an emergency towing service. Know who offers the best towing rates and which towing service is in closest proximity to you. Also, let your family or a friend know what’s going on.

3. Put your hazards on

This is to signal to other drivers that you’re in trouble. On this same note, don’t purposefully draw the attention of strangers. Let me them know you are safe and professional help is on the way.

4. Don’t leave your car!

Stay with it until a towing company has come to help.

5. Don’t try to fix your own problem.

Unless you’re a trained mechanic, you’ll probably do more harm than good.

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