Here are some helpful tips to consider before hiring any towing company.

1. Expertise is essential.

All towing companies tow and transport automobiles from point A to point B. When considering hiring a towing service, look for a reputable company that specializes in your class of vehicle.

Heavy Duty Truck & RV Towing

If you own a heavy duty truck, such as a semi/tractor trailer, target companies that tow and transport over the road trucks and heavy equipment. If you have an RV or any other type of recreational vehicle, contact a company that tows recreational vehicles on a regular basis.

Motorcycle Towing

If it’s a motorcycle that needs to be towed, contact a company that specializes in all types of motorcycles, trikes, choppers and all custom built cycles, make sure they use the proper equipment and soft strapping to secure your motorcycle for transport.

2. Inquire about their specific services.

In your search, make sure the person sounds knowledgeable and professional and offers a positive solution to your situation. This is all you have before making your final discussion. Chances are if you didn’t feel comfortable and relieved having made your choice, you probably won’t be satisfied with the service they provide.

When contacting a towing service/towing company ask the operator or dispatcher what type of services the company specializes in, and ask them for specific details. This should reassure you knowing they have the experience needed to transport your vehicle safely.

3. Are they reputable?

Make certain you hire a reputable towing company! If all they’re offering is cheap rates and low prices, chances are their tow trucks aren’t properly maintained or are just outdated.

4. Are they DPS Inspected & Safety Certified?

Confirm that the companies fleet of tow trucks have been DPS Inspected and Safety Certified.

5. Are they insured?

Request documentation make sure they are willing to provide you a copy of there Accord Certificate.

6. Do they offer 24-hour Emergency Roadside Assistance?

If you find yourself in need of Emergency Roadside Assistance — for example, a tire change, jump-start or a lock-out — contact a company that provides 24 hour roadside services, for these companies maintain the proper equipment and are truly experienced in these types of roadside requests.

7. What about Junk Car Pick-Ups?

If you’re needing an old junk car picked-up or an abandoned vehicle removed, call an impound towing company and make sure they follow all the state and municipal statues and laws regarding automobile removal. In most cases this is a free service.

8. Always avoid cheap prices.

Beware of the cheap priced towing services, most people never consider the damage that can result due to the lack of equipment, knowledge and experience it takes, to load and unload a vehicle safely after transport. This can ultimately cost you a lot in the long run.

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