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Top Day Trips from Phoenix

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If you find yourself with a free weekend and no plans, why not take a day trip to one of the numerous spectacular places that Arizona has to offer? Pack up the car and hit the road early in the morning and spend the day exploring then head back home the same day. We’ve put together the top five day trips from Phoenix for you to add to your list and check out on your next free weekend.

Sonora Desert – This beautiful landscape spans from Arizona to California and reaches down into Mexico.  Visitors can take off-road tours or hike through desert on self-guided trips. Start by visiting the Sonoran Desert National Monument. Saguaro National Park is located in Tucson, which is a short drive from Phoenix.

Tombstone – Located just 180 miles from Phoenix, Tombstone is a true western town and is famous for its gunfight at OK Corral, where the Earp brothers took on a gang of outlaws. Stroll through the Main Street to witness gunfight reenactments or visit the old stores.  

Apache Trail – Is Arizona’s oldest highway otherwise known as State Route 88. It starts out as an old stagecoach trail through Apache Indian territory (the greater Phoenix area), at Apache Junction and the trail winds through the Superstition Mountains.

Grand Canyon – Only takes 4 hours to get to the South Rim from Phoenix, the Grand Canyon is a must see when living or visiting Phoenix. There is no point in trying to describe the natural beauty, so you have to visit and see for yourself.

Sedona– Only 115 miles from Phoenix, Sedona is an easy day trip. From hiking the countless trails through mind blowing red rock formations to walking through the shops and galleries of downtown. Named one of the most beautiful places in the US by numerous publications, Sedona is the top place to visit on our list.

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